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Continental Corporation provides the world's refined products to the Japanese market and assists with further brand growth.

continental corporation's forte

  • We are able to select new brands and commodities with insight!
  • We maintain an extensive business capacity spanning high-class brands to casual brands and standard products to new products.
  • We have 20 years' worth of achievements in our complete planning business for trusted retailers and specialty stores.
  • We guarantee sales routes for difficult-to-sell excess inventory, discontinued goods, etc.
  • We plan market expansion by using proprietary sales routes for Private Brand development goods.
  • We place stable orders to ensure a large variety of products and plentiful stock.
  • We improve brand value by means of consistent quality and distribution control.
  • Please also feel free to consult with us regarding the export of goods from the Japanese market.

our main lines of business

Wholesale of first-rate foreign-brand wristwatches, bags, leather accessories, jewellery, kitchenware, stationery, designer electrical appliances, cosmetics, baby goods, etc.

Partners wanted

Continental Corporation welcomes dealings with overseas manufacturers and suppliers so as to improve customer satisfaction and assist with further market expansion for brands.

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